Galerie de la Ville presents in October/November an exhibition of collages, digital photographs and assemblages by artist Anne Lewis entitled ‘The Field Hospital’. A news reporter in the visual media, most recently covering medical news, Anne Lewis has lived a life witnessing, noting and informing about the major events of our times. As a reporter, her relationship to these events must be that of the objective observer; as an artist it is placed within the philosophical and emotional terrain of the poet.

The artist’s relationship is both to the fact and the content of the news. She observes her own gestures as she manipulates and cuts out newspapers, as she feeds video film into and out of its spools, as she opens and closes the plastic cases in which these spools, many containing her own reports, are transported and stored. There is in her collages, her constructions and assemblages, and in her photographs of these in various landscapes and time frames, a play between the intimacy of her process and the public nature of what is contained in the newspaper and video clip she handles.

While as a reporter she must deliver the news, as an artist she can manipulate it, deconstruct it, reassemble it, reforming it to mitigate the impersonal, often intimidating and sometimes frightening nature of its content. She has, in fact, made the news itself her content, not the details of a ravaging cancer or of a breakthrough in medical technology, but ‘the news’ itself as an inevitable presence in our lives, its content, its impact, its volume, and its sometimes devastating, sometimes enlightening effect.

Anne Lewis was born in Belfast, N. Ireland, studied at the Slade School of Art (London, U.K.) and is currently represented by Galerie Sandra Goldie in Montreal. She is also the Medical Reporter at CTV in Montreal.

Source: Claudine Ascher, Director / Curator, Galerie de la Ville