Field Hospital
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The Field Hospital emerged from Anne Lewis’ double career as an artist and a medical reporter at CTV News in Montreal. This body of work comprises bas-relief sculpture, assemblage, works on paper, installation, performance and photography. It is her response to the potency, volume and speed of the media messages surrounding us. Anne Lewis was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, moved to London and Paris and then settled in Montreal. She has been the recipient of many prizes and bursaries. Her work is in major collections such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.
The Field Hospital grew from my working relationship with the media. Reporters are in the front line, but everybody is exposed to different levels of intensity. A journalist’s materials are truth and facts, while an artist works with imagination and ambiguity. The images of The Field Hospital come to me from the space between the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen, the real and the imagined, the safe and the terrifying.   Anne Lewis 2006

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